The Race for 4th Place Trophy


What stage do we go in at? Is there a qualifying round before the group stage?

It would feel a bit odd to win a two legged tie after all these years…


And in the return games we beat those teams 3-0. Other than overestimating ourselves or underestimating the opposition there is really no reason why we shouldn’t get in the latter stages of the Europa League/win it. We usually get results against the level of teams we’ll face in the Europa League.

We would be the biggest club in the competition by reputation and by resources. Plus all the other reasons I gave, there is no reason not to go 100% for the Europa League. When we do that, we should be able to win it.

It’s the biggest opportunity for Wenger to deliver some decent silverware after the 15/16 League title. I’m sceptical, but let’s see how he’s going to handle it.


I also find it interesting how some of us think we can walk the EL. There are a lot of tricky teams to be played before reaching the final.


Well we’re used to it from finishing 4th and having to qualify for the CL group stages haha


We’d go straight into the group stage


I haven’t seen anyone claim this. I think what SD is saying is a fair enough assessment. Then again so is what Leper is saying based on history etc…


Match Day one of the Group Stage starts on 14.9.2017.


Cant wait for the excitement that is the Europa League next season!

I guess we will be on TV most sundays which is a plus for people who dont/cant get to games


We’ll probably have increased Monday night games as well right?


Yeah quite possibly


Shame we didn’t play all season as we played last weekend against Stoke. EL it is. Something new for Mesut and Alexis, maybe they will sign an extension being all excited and that.


Sunday afternoon football is so drab tho, much prefer being on a Saturday at 3pm


not finishing in the top 4 won’t be so bad, it’s not like we will get past the game after the group stage in the champions league anyway and United still managed to attract the big names from not being in it anyway, Pogba and Ibra. Finishing 5th but give some of the players the kick they need to improve going into next season


Hopefully Austria Wien and not fucking Altach. Would love to go to Wien to see Arsenal.


It’s not going to be Altach anyway and if so they’d be playing in Innsbruck and not in Vorarlberg. There are 6500 people living in Altach and 8500 seats in the stadium, so they wouldn’t even have the capacity to host an UEFA Europe League game.


Man U have a bit more pulling power than us, not only in reputation, but also in terms of ambition and a willingness to outspend any other club, and they normally keep their best players.

But I certainly agree that watching us go out in the first round of the knock out stages in the CL has become a bit predictable
So if Wenger, or whoever the manager is next season, takes the Europa League seriously, we should be on of the favourites and have a good chance to win it.


Bottom line on the Europa is our players need educating on europe and this is a start.
Need to start dealing with expectation and imo they can grow with this cup.
We are just appalling in the champions League and deep down I think some of our players dread the prospect of playing teams in this.
Concede 8 and 10 on aggregate in the last 2 seasons and that will effect players badly. We should be better than this but under Wenger we are not and wont improve.


Exactly. Need to grow an european winning mentality so not taking the Europa League seriously would be criminal.


We need to win everything we can right now lol

edit wow, just revived a half year old thread by mistake lol


This years race will be largely dependant on our form in the next 7 weeks as the fixtures come thick and fast with us playing 10 league games. Home games against United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle and H. Town & away games vs Burnley, Southampton, West Ham, WBA & Palace I think.