The R.I.P thread


:rofl:That’s fantastic! Wish my kids appreciated them as much. I’ll teach them :grin:


The mastermind of Ac/Dc :frowning:


Him and Cliff Williams built a brilliant sound for Angus to exploit all his natural talent. Seen them 5 times and always delivered. Dealt a bad hand in the last few years Mal but his legacy will last forever.



Fucking hell Cheggers!!!


No :cry: Was a legend on Gogglebox. RIP Leon


Loved Leon and June :cry:


I agree, were a great couple with lots of bantz for an elderly duo. Seemed a genuinely top bloke Leon the type you would love to sit and have a cuppa with and chat, he loved his wife to death. Really sad he was my favourite on gogglebox will miss him :frowning:


Nooooooooo he was my favourite!!!


RIP big Cyril . All our thoughts are with you and your family .


Regis was an excellent sriker at West Brom. Had a big future till a knee injury that slowed him down. Not the same after that but was a powerhouse in full flow.
No age 59 though and deserves huge respect for helping the fight for black players and fans to become part of the game.






Wow, so young. She had such a unique singular voice. Dreams was one of my favourite songs.


Yeah an incredible voice, unmistakable, R.I.P.


Yes I saw this and was so sad, loved thid band in the 90s. No other rocker did what she could do with her voice, it was mesmerizing! RIP.


:cry: Too young.


Jesus that’s two shockers to hear about today. Both no age at all really. RIP.


Ode to my Family, Ridiculous Thoughts, Dreams, she did some good music in her early days. RIP.


Shocking to hear about Dolores. OMG!!

Loved her unique voice and those iconic songs from the 90s. RIP