The Queen

I dunno, they can probably get a lot more out of this. I just read a story about a spider being seen crawling on the coffin.

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What a sad little life, Jane.


Jeez, sometimes you just wonder.

We recorded it (on at 3 am here), so I’ll have a limited gander at it later.

Long may it continue.
There’s no other nation on this planet that comes anywhere Britain.
A sad day but a fabulous day at the same time.


Kids do get overrated at times tbf.

And why would having a child be the best thing anyway? Surely it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever experience!


So I get reminded of regularly.

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They’re obviously not Arsenal supporters then because anyone who saw us winning the league title against Liverpool would not be saying that being at the end of the queue is the best thing they’ve done. :grinning:

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Would take that midfield over Fred and McTominay to be fair


Center halfs still taller than Martinez

Been watching stuff on All4 advert free. And only just realised why - as a mark of respect today C4 are not showing any commercials across the Channel 4 network. What a bonus.

I think now tv is doing the same, I’ve had no ads. Mind you I always think now should be ad free considering it’s a paid subscription on a par with Netflix, Amazon or Disney.

Yeah this happened when I was watching Countdown the other day. Awesome!

Hard drive check needed

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She’s American, she has a constitutional right to bare arms.


Sometimes I wonder what is the point of all this etiquette which is entirely created by Homo sapiens’ imagination and in the grand scheme of the universe utterly meaningless.

To worry about such stuff it really puts into perspective how stupid as a species we are. :man_shrugging:t4:

Is not showing your arms at funerals even a thing?

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Apparently no queues were jumped…