The Podcast Thread


And then fall asleep? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wut? I eat 1 each day. Have switched music for podcasts basically. Cant live without them now. Cant fall asleep without it either.


Yep the totally football show and arsecast are my two favourites


If you love football you can listen


Totally agree. Fucking bizarre that football fans would want to listen to people talk about football…


I can’t listen to any of that shit. Kudos to you if you can.


Danny Baker and Gary Lineker have fairly recently started a two man podcast, listened to the first episode on my way to work and it was genuinely very funny. I like Lineker, but Baker really shines, the man is just naturally very witty.


Would really recommend the show Empire on Blood. It was a pretty good look back at one small part of the drug trade in New York. The guy narrating is also pretty funny.


Just finished reading a couple of Danny Bakers books, he really is a very funny man… Seems down to earth also…


Well deserved!! Arsecast is the best arsenal related thing going


Its not bad, but can name 5 better arsenal podcasts. That bellend of a host ruins it for me.


the one good thing when we have a shit game is this haha



He did a really good episode on Friday (pre-West Ham) that took a pretty measured look at the mess we’ve made of the finances.

Something tells me all that measured criticism is going out the window on tomorrow’s episode. :arteta:


Been listening to a shit load of The Adam Buxton podcast lately, anyone else a fan of the ramble chats?

For the uninitiated, try out one of the ones with Louis Therouxs first, they’re really funny and it’s particularly great as they’re old school friends.

I’ve also started listening to That Peter Crouch Podcast recently, they’re pretty funny too, you get some really good behind the scenes tales from Crouchy.

I listen to two podcasts a day travelling to and from work and I want something entertaining and undemanding, so these two are perfect.