The Podcast Thread



Hilarious. :joy:


Listened to the first few episodes but fell off for some reason. Really fucking funny


The Totally Football Show have recorded a special episode in light of Wenger’s announcement. Expecting others to follow suit :slightly_smiling_face:


The latest Arsecast is simply superb. Interview with a guy from Iceland on what it means to him to be seeing Iceland at the World Cup.


Will look forward to that. Like arsecast as long as they stick to a plan and avoid rambling about pudding and puppies.


So almost never then? :slight_smile:


Haha nah not that bad. Just the host who annoys me when he goes on his ramblings :wink:


Would highly recommend The Blindboy Podcast. He’s about 30 odd weeks in and I think ya have to listen from the start but the range of things he talks about are pretty wide. Certainly wouldn’t be for everyone but he focuses on mental health a lot.


I listened to a flat earther on Talk is Jericho. What a fucking lunatic.

Decent enough podcast overall. With podcasts like Jericho’s I’ll just pick and choose which ones I listen to. :slight_smile:


@zaphod I thought of you when I heard this guy speaking. If you haven’t heard it it’s really worth going back to have a listen. :slight_smile:


For any old school Monday Night War fans there’s one I just picked up this week called 83 weeks. An in depth look at Eric Bischoffs time as head of WCW with fairly candid input from Bischoff himself.


I recommend The Brainfood show.
Nice podcast and good material for story telling.


Absolutely this. I’ve binged on his stuff over the last few weeks as I do a lot of driving up and down the country for work so this has helped make the mundane journeys much more interesting.


Finally!! Been wanting this to happen for ages. :heart_eyes:Can delete the acast app now


Arsenal Vision Podcast is amazing for those who are unaware.


Listened to a few episodes now. Would be great if the host would shut the fuck up. Everyone else on it is great.


Haha I totally agree, it’s become an inside joke on the pod. Sometimes it gets so annoying, he’ll ask someone a question and in the middle of an interesting answer he’ll just come in and kill the vibe.

Clive is the main attraction on the pod for me, he always brings very intelligent and astute analysis.


I genuinely don’t understand how anyone can listen to football podcasts :slight_smile:


Personally I just put my earphones in and press play.