The Podcast Thread



I listen to the 5 live football daily. It really depends on the guests, but it can be quite interesting


NPR politics podcast
The Economist podcast
Bodega Boys
Bigger Pockets
Garyvee show
Drink Champs
Joe Buddens
Combat Jack


I don’t listen to the full thing, but the advice section of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning podcast cracks me up, you can find loads of clips on YouTube.


Can’t listen to drink champs nore is quite possibly the most annoying human being on the planet


Oh jesus


“we’ve got a mail from a laaaady


I grew up with cats like Nore so that shit doesn’t even phase me :arteta:


Athletico mince is by far the best thing about at the moment


You know things are bad when there is a new episode of The Tuesday Club. If anyone wants a good laugh.


Tueday club is the original “AFTV GONNA BE HYPE 2 NITE”. The more rubbish we are the better it is.


Used to listen to The Tuesday Club religiously few years ago. I’ll defo give that a listen.


Arsecast with ORNSTIENNNNNNN!! YESSSS :sunglasses: Looking forward to listening to this!


Arseblog without Gunnerblog. Nahhhhh.


Tuesday Club when they release a pod once a year and Footballistically Arsenal with Boyd Hilton.

Arsecast became old and lame.

I have a really funny feeling about podcasts that aren’t recorded with everyone in the same room (interviews excluded).


This one is actually my favourite. Boyd goes mental. Though he is a Theo fan so @Arsenal4thetreble may like it


The latest double pivot pod is quite an interesting listen, Arsenal is discussed from the start until around 19 mins.




Will be listening to this tonight :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


GOAT football podcast is back