The Podcast Thread

It’s important to crop memes, but I’m not gonna crop my screenshot of Audible just to remove the notification bar lol

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Do people still listen to Rogan in 2020 now his ill-informed opinions have exposed him as an intellectual bonehead?

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what are those opinions? I’m sure he never considered himself anything but a meathead, it’s his guests I sometimes want to listen to. I think he is just open minded and it’s when he is open minded toward guests who people dislike they suddenly do not like open mindedness as much it turns out.

I mean the concept of his podcast is that he just talks to whoever he feels like talking to and you can listen in if you want to. That’s why he leaves YT, he disagreed with how they are trying to control who he talks to.

His agenda is literally that he is a knucklehead who is curious about the world lol we know it and he knows it sort of. Few listen to him for -his- opinions on things is my take. Rather because they like whoever he has on, and he is good at getting them to talk for two hours like normal people talk. imo.

I end up listening to like 10% of the guests he has on but I like those ones. 90% of them interest him but not me.


I’ve never heard of this story before, maybe some of the more frequent reddit users might know a little about this but I found this to be quite an interesting rabbit hole to delve into.

I listened to this podcast yesterday that basically gives you a chronological breakdown of what happened surrounding a reddit user and this supposed image hosting website from little over a decade ago.

Edit: the link seems borked. The podcast is called Red Web and the episode is called Lake City Quiet Pills.


On it! Cheers!

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Got Malcolm X’s autobiography performed by Laurence Fishburne with my monthly Audible credit. Would definitely recommend it, in getting through it at a fair pace so far.

That’s a brilliant biography, one of the best I’ve read. Enjoy.

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