The Podcast Thread

I’ve been saving them for this weekend. Two arsecasts plus the hand brake off and totally football show should keep me going for a few hours!


Who has listened?

I thought it was a fucking superb analysis. Nothing difinitive of course because how could it be but a real thinker.

Arseblog is the king. What a coop

This is brilliant. Every Arsenal needs to listen to it.

Love Cesc. Probably my favourite arsenal player ever after Henry. You can tell he’s one of us.

Talks about why he left and everything then the summer of 2014 when he wanted to rejoin.

I know he does it basically every year and at any opportunity available but Wrighty on the Arsecast talking about Rocky. I could listen to that for hours.


@shamrockgooner @YJYUX Adam Buxton is back! This week he’s got Malcolm Gladwell on, this is basically my two favourite podcast hosts together and I’M SO EXCITED!


I finished all of revisionist history a few weeks ago and am half way through talking to strangers so will definitely give this a look

Are you reading or listening to Talking to Strangers? It’s on Audible but is quute a lot shorter than many other audiobooks, so not quite sure if it’s worth spending my single monthly credit on. Audible is kinda wild, this month I could use my credit for Stephen Fry doing every Sherlock Holmes story ever over 71 hours, or Malcolm Gladwell’s seven hour book. £7.99 either way :man_shrugging:

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the book? It took me a while to get into Revisionist History, but when I did I blitzed the whole thing in no time at all.

Adam Buxtons podcast is brilliant BTW, not that we know each other properly, but I feel you would like it. If you like Malcolm then that would probably be a good episode to start with, but otherwise, his earliest episode with Louis Theroux is an excellent introduction to the pod. They were old school friends who have kept in touch over the years and its always the episode I recommend to people I hope to indoctrinate.

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I’d intended saving up a few Adam Buxtons but I can’t pass up him interviewing Malcolm Gladwell!

On talking to strangers I got the audiobook and pretty much blasted through it. It’s well worth the 7.99 either now or in a future month.

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@shamrockgooner and @YJYUX I meant to ask if you had listened to the last episode, with Daisy Haggard.

The “special bath” jingle he did is for it is for my money one of his all time greats :joy:

I’ve not listened to many (any) podcasts since I haven’t had to commute into work at the moment.

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I think I’ll follow your recommendation and download it. Way I think of it, it’s like paying £7.99 for a series of 7 to 10 exclusive podcasts, which I would do because I feel bereft having listened to all of his existing podcasts.

Stevie Fry hamming it up as Sherlock and Co can wait another month :slightly_smiling_face:


Listening and I’m really enjoying it. It’s basically a slightly more polished podcast series with interviews from people in their own words etc. but it’s certainly better than just hearing someone read a book. I think one of the last revisionist episodes was a free chapter from the audiobook which was what convinced me as it was one of the most interesting episodes.

I’ve got a few books by people that I only ever listen to and for some reason it always feels weird to read them :mustafi:

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I’m having that trouble too. Stacking up podcasts atm due to not listening to them at home!

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I’m listening to the Zach Braff Donald Faison podcast. Loved scrubs so hopefully there’s more hijinks with these guys.

Totally Football Show are going through the PL seasons they are on 2003/04 now if you are interested

New podcast. Haven’t listened to it yet, but Woj is a bit of a character, so it might be interesting.


Tuesday Club returning too!


This will be good.

Love hearing Bob Wilson talk about The Arsenal


@shamrockgooner and @YJYUX Louis Theroux on the latest Dr Buckles podcast :heart_eyes:

The intro has informed me that Louis Theroux has a new podcast. Will have to check it out.