The Pet Thread


Yeah she doesn’t like the wet or cold and it’s autumn here now so we’ve had to buy her a little coat. She’s used to the Florida heat and she’s half chihuahua so that short fur ain’t very warm haha


Hellenic Harehound predominantly, but he looks slightly different to most of the sleeker looking dogs you get if you Google the term. He just turned up outside my dad and step mums gaff in their little Greek village, so no idea what his heritage is really as they didn’t have him until he was 2 years old.

He really annoys me with how needy and vocally whingey he can be (not to mention how he nicks food if you aren’t alert), but the reverse of that coin is that he’s incredibly affectionate and loving. He’s also great with my cat which was a worry at first.

Always been a cat person over dogs but in just a few years he’s convinced me that I’ll have a dog one day when I have the property and time to do it justice


Ahh that’s great! Yeah I do find very vocal dogs quite annoying, so I know what you mean.

Poppy is great in that she is really quiet and never barks unless you “talk” to her in a specific way and she starts talking back. Or if she sees a smoker outside the window or a seagull. Man she fucking hates seagulls, which is great because so do I.

She’s is also very adept at pinching food. My girlfriend was home alone with the dog once and was eating some paté for dinner while watching tv. She puts the paté down on the living room table to go get a glass of water from the kitchen and comes back to Poppy half on the sofa half on the table snarfing down the entire pack of paté. Ice cold killer, no remorse, no dinner for my girlfriend.

My parents were dogsitting for us once and my dad made the same mistake. It has yet to happen to me because I’m on guard 100% of the time.


Thanks Cristo :hugs:


This is what happens if I don’t put the sheets back on the bed quickly enough


His last haircut of the year. :slight_smile:




34 degree heat not his thing


I hope youre careful to check out the machine before you start it. My auntie had a kitten who jumped in, fell asleep without my auntie noticing. Then she put it on and yeah… Horrible story really. :sob::sob::sob:


Haven’t seen you for years and you turn up and start telling me about dead cats.

Wish you hadn’t bothered signing up now :joy:

How’s things?!


Sorry. :flushed: just wanted to warn you buddy.
I was just going to lurk a little, check up on my old buddies but who can resist a PET THREAD?! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Im all good thanks. A lil’ bit older (shut it TA6 :wink:), a lil’ bit slower but still me. How about you?


Ok. So much for hiding in the shadows. :innocent: Im a sucker for pets, so I cant resist showing up my three legged champion. :heart:
This is Bhumi, who makes my life a lot better.


A little bit older too I guess. Belatedly done with education and now joined the real world, working 9 to 5. Can’t say it’s treating me too badly all in all.

Good to have you back though! Lurking is fine as long as you chip in with regular photos of Bhumi. What a babe :heart_eyes: the dog’s not bad either to be fair


Haha, good to hear sweetie! :kissing_heart:


Well this looks Swedish enough, where is this at?


20 minutes north of Stockholm, by the coast. :blush:


Oh well then same city ish :smiley: beautiful pictures, and the doggy is a champ!


Love that one :ok_hand:


Please treasure every moment.

This is my second morning without my best mate Tazz. She developed chronic kidney disease and despite everything we tried over the last few weeks we had to take her to the vets for the last time on Wednesday. It was utterly horrendous yet beautifully peaceful but most importantly, without question the right decision. I keep telling myself that. And there is no guilt surrounding it. I’m incredibly proud of the 15 years I had with her and the relationship we enjoyed but nothing can serve as any comfort towards the simple fact that I miss her. Working from home has never been so difficult.

Sincere apologies for bringing down the mood in the thread. I just wanted to encourage every pet owner out there to make an extra effort to appreciate their animals today. I’d give anything to be pestered like I was in this picture from only 2 months ago.

And to those who liked that post in September, thanks for giving her her well deserved 15 minutes.


Oh fuck, that’s heart breaking. I genuinely feel so sad for you. Keep your head up mate.

Oh and you shouldn’t feel guilty at all, you did the right thing. The selfish thing would have been to prolong her life because you couldn’t bear to take the tough decision that needed taking.