The Pet Thread


I would be worried if it had taken too long.


Lovely pupper!


awwww v cute doggo :blush:


Shhh don’t tell my husband Aussie.


Lovely dog :smiley:


Only just seen this. I totally didn’t even look at me. I was all about the dog :see_no_evil:


I think it would be weird if you would look at yourself. You aren’t expected to think like men, so I would say, you’re alright.

Keep posting more pictures. :henry2:


I was minding my own business tracking some guitar over the weekend, when the cat arrived. She was genuinely pissed off that she didn’t get my immediate and undivided attention. Considering my attire, posting the evidence here seems appropriate.



Lol I will. Though I can’t promise that they’ll be that revealing :see_no_evil:


Very brave…:laughing: gorgeous canine! :heart_eyes:




Netherland Dwarves?


as a non-pet owner, this is my go to thread when i’m feeling stressed out :slight_smile:


this is brilliant and it always makes me laugh! though a bit disappointing they never showed the kitten.


Yep :blush:, don’t think the boy is 100% but close enough.


Nice! I love the otter markings too. We got a Netherland Dwarf back in May, will try and upload a pic of her later. You keeping them inside?


What a beaut :blush: what breed is it?

@Robin_L something for you


Lol that beanie tho :heart_eyes: