The Pet Thread


How about ‘Thnemo’ :grin:

And what exactly was that??


Call him Mysty!




That you’d like your fish more than the rest of the family.


Lol there are plenty of other family photo’s all around the house, won’t hurt if one of them gets sacrificed to keep my fish’s self esteem up :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: To keep James’ self esteem up.


@discobot fortune Should I name my pet fish James?


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


^^^^^ discobot has spoken. James it is then.


YESSSSSSS I LOVE IT. James happens to be my middle name too. Great shout buddy.

Mysty gonna love this, I can feel it.

edit: @discobot fortune is James going to love it?

da fuck are you discobot? :confused:


I have no idea if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, that you’ve decided to name your pet fish after me @Arsenal4thetreble :gunnersaurus:

@Oliver Discobot only works when you post first time. If you go back to edit your post and add discobot code in, it won’t work. You’d have to make a seperate post again for it to work.


Bad news my wife and kids already had started calling the fish Beyonce. So looks like your out James. Hate to disappoint you.


tell your kids its a boy and as such it cannot be called beyonce or you will give it gender confusion!


Trans fish? Very progressive.


@discobot fortune does james like a fish being named after him?


:crystal_ball: It is certain


Oh good.


I’ve been in Devon for a while - the joys of freelancing, do what the hell you want. But with my family dog…

Where I dare steal the frisbe…


Whoah look at them puppies, err puppy. Cute doggo! :grinning:


Poor dog :santi:


Hahaha I was wondering how long it would take before a comment along those lines :joy: