The Pet Thread



Well, fuck.


I’m normally mad when she sits on my clothes but I’m taking this to be a sign of how deep our bond is :heart_eyes:


posting a photo of a cute cat doesn’t make up for what you did earlier


She finds it very comfortable :wink:


Wow. One of the nicest video’s I’ve watched in a while. That dog’s a legend





Coco :heart:


My son won this little guy at the fair and we thought he was gonna die pretty quickly. We just left him in the little plastic container we won him with, but its been a month and he won’t die! So I upgraded him to the penthouse fish tank cause it looks like he’s gonna be around for a while.

He needs a name, any ideas OA??




Lol I like it but a little obvious don’t ya think??


Oxlade Chamberlain?


He’s got that cockroach like survival determination that would make Calum’s suggestion quite apt.


I lol’d. I thought about flushing him down the toilet but he does bring enjoyment to my sons life once about every 120 minutes per day, so he’s definitely worth keeping around.


It’s gonna become a shark :hipster:


Is there a reason why you put it in front of a family photo?


I was gonna move it but I was thinking that maybe the fish would get a self esteem boost from having it there, maybe he’ll think he’s important and he’s in an aquarium or something with people watching him.


Nemo. :laca:


Sounds a lot more reasonable than what I was thinking.