The Pet Thread


Bet they’d make a great Easter bunny stew.


cat getting more action than myself :joy:


Nice little treehouse.


Yeah it’s gold, the cat loves it.



That’s the neighbours cat down on the ground, seemingly mourning the loss of what was once solely her territory.


She’s a proper little bedhound


I have a strict above the covers rule for my cat, that would go double if I had a dog lol


Haha I’m the same, I wouldn’t even let the dog in the bed.

My girlfriend overruled me though since her and her family have always slept with their dogs in the bed and I have to admit, I love it now. The dog loves cuddling up under the covers and in the mornings I’ll sometimes find her nestled right up next to me. Practically big spooning me haha

I know it’s crazy and my mates think I’m nuts but I have to say it’s super cozy having the little furball in the bed with us.


Yeah I’m with your mates haha, having you’re girlfriend in bed with you should be plenty coziness.


Yeah I get it, each to their own though. My girlfriend isn’t much of a cuddler anyway so it doesn’t really interfere haha

I know plenty of other people who’s dog sleep in their bed so I feel vindicated all the same :joy:


Yeah fair play :slight_smile:

Tbh I’m not a cuddler in bed at all, pissed off a couple of girls at uni by abruptly rolling over shortly after the act to get my space and sleep peacefully :laughing:

Thankfully my girlfriend is similarly minded to me





Nice photo Jules, but you already uploaded an indenticat photo earlier in the thread :giroud:


I did? I’ll have to borrow a camera at some point, so I can get another.


Our guy sleeps with us too. It was supposed to be for one night at Christmas and now it’s 18 months later and he’s still there. :smile:


Yeah it just feels like you’re a little pack :rofl:


German short-haired pointers are so cool

Found the type of dog I’m getting one day


On that note, ^ this is one amazing looking dog.