The Pet Thread


This is Poppy.

Here’s her instagram:

She is my girlfriend and I’s 9 month old puppy. She’s a shelter dog and half-chihuahua and half-boston terrier. We think she was saved from a Puppy Mill/Puppy Farm.

We actually had to fly her over from the US because my girlfriend got her while she was interning at a Dog shelter and she had her for a couple months before coming back to the UK and leaving her with her parents in Florida.

We flew from Miami to Amsterdam with her in-cabin, then took a train up to the Hook of Holland and then a 9 hour overnight ferry to Harwich and then took the train down to Bath.

All of this because the UK doesn’t allow you to fly into the UK in-cabin with pets (even in carriers) and as such you have to pay a fortune (GBP 1,000-2,000) to a third party freight agency to put the pet in the hold.

Total nightmare but totally worth it, she’s a doll and she slept the entire 9 hours in her little carrier under the seat in front of us, so well behaved.


Dude! :smile:


Syntax ffs!


Wearing boots and being carried around. Living a better life than me. Also what is with your weirdly focused look.


I was looking at the ball!


@cristo gorgeous dog mate. :slight_smile:


Thanks pal!


I know it’s bad etiquette to say something negative about people’s pets lol but that dog is freaking me out a bit. I think it’s the eyes. Not a fan of small dogs like that.


Yeah man she stares right into your soul.

I was never an advocate of small dogs either, but this one has so much character.


Every man meets a fluffer that changes their mind about small dogs.


This is Chester pre and post haircut :smile:


JESUS CHRIST. Bet that was a shock! Did you go to the groomer?


Fuck yea wouldn’t even attempt it myself… Again :joy:


Lol he’s cuter with the hair cut.


Must feel like a completely different dog :joy:


A rare relaxed moment in which they aren’t furiously playfighting



Does your cat support Juventus? :mustafi:

Ok, you can ban me now :mustafi:



Your rabbits are very sweet! Love that they can hold a conversation too :wink: