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Just a mini update on our new rescued cat, named her Nya. She’s being very (maybe too well) well fed now and very pampered here at her new home. She’s got strange behaviours for something that’s been badly treated, she craves human physical contact and hates being alone so we call her the velcro cat.

She’s been microchipped, flea treated, vaccinated, spayed etc and the vet guesstimates she is around 18 months old.


It usually goes the other way with rescue animals that have had a traumatic start to their lives, so that’s really encouraging that she likes human contact and sounds like she’s already socialised in that regard.


Beautiful, glad it’s worked out so well!! Must feel very rewarding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah it is odd. Poppy is from a dog shelter and she couldn’t care less about other dogs but she LOVES people and spends all of her time at the park interacting with the humans and not the dogs. She also hates being on her own and will follow me all over the flat, loving to sleep between my legs when I’m on the sofa or in bed so needy lol but not what we had expected whatsoever when we got her from the shelter.

Other shelter animals I’ve met and interacted with were definitely not like Nya and Poppy.

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What did you decide about her pregnancy mate?

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After sleeping on it and chatting to the vet they assured us the absolute right thing was to sadly get rid and spay her so we went on that. It wasn’t nice and still didn’t feel right at all but we went on their advice in the end.


It’s very sad but for the best you aren’t bringing homeless cats into the world

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Tough choice to make dude.

Glad she’s settling in well to her new home.

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