The Pet Thread

Well, actually you can but its a lot of work. lol I adopted mine from Spain so went through customs with him in this huge transport cage. Not to be recommended. lol

Yeah exactly, that’s what I meant. We travel with Poppy to America and Denmark every year, no way we’re going to pay £2,000 to put her in a crate in the hold :joy: Which you have to with a big dog, just seems like a logistics nightmare

Actually, it only costed 30 pounds to bring him with on the flight. Its crazy cheap. But still, too much work.

Oh were you able to bring him in cabin?

No way! Hahaha, he was huge!

Put some artificial grass down in the backyard and that’s bolt at the top of the cat run if you look closely


I was looking for an actual bolt before realising that’s his name


And then it’s Aussie in the door reflection if you look even closer :wenger2:

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Hahaha yeah

This guy just dragging his toys up onto the downstairs living area couch FFS

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