The Pet Thread

Here’s our new family member who made her posting debut in the Torreira thread. Meet Pippy the Hamster :+1::grin:


If I ever get a hamster I am calling her Hammy Wynette.

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I think when she said

about how to actually properly utilise Torreira she seemed more coherent on the subject than any of our last couple of managers.

We should maybe take a punt on Pippy once we get tired of drawing games under Arteta.


My cat being all cute and shit


What about Hamster ppl?


Poor little fucker looks like it just started a twenty year stretch haha

What’s its name? You have kids right, is this you introducing them to pets at beginner level?


That lil dude has seen some shit.


It wasn’t me, it was the one-armed mice.

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One thing cats score over dogs are their eyes.

my dog has a new ball and he actually loves it, I got home from work and he was just lying with it resting on his head in his bed

Where’s the pic Luke?

it doesn’t exist

Tried to take a photo of Echo at the beach this arvo, but he does this last minute :cry:


Love it when echo digs at the beach instead of my backyard.


So this happened last November, one of my girlfriends work colleague and friends she’s know for some years has a 6 springer spaniels and one of them Wren, one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen had a litter of pups so we decided to have one. The lines and ancestry on this dog are impressive and not that I’m into all that but like nothing I’ve ever seen

Anyway this is Juno, she will be exactly one next Tuesday and what a year its been!!!

It’s been one hell of an experience and even as two people that have lots of experience with dogs but we’ve learned a few things, never ever get a puppy with a high prey! Energy drive at the begining of winter!
Having said that the two of these got us through lock down, my GF has severe anxiety issues that have stemmed from her job as a CSI so it’s helped her and lock down in itself for me mentally wasn’t easy as I struggle when I have nothing to do so this gave us something to focus all our spare time and energy on. she’s turning into a wonderful little lady and he’s as grumpy an old fuck as ever but you can see they genuinely miss each other when not around, him more than he’d like to admit I think :rofl:

She has been tough, because even though we absolutely knew what we were getting into with a Springer Spaniel as my family had says had them and we did so much research, even after that we still felt under prepared so it’s been a huge learning curve for us aswell as the two dogs, putting all the training in and then getting to the stage where she’s regressed and having to start again, managing her high energy along with a habit of obsession with her shadow or flickers of light has been testing but we wouldn’t change either of the dick heads :rofl:

He’s 13 tomorrow and is showing all the health signs of a dog that age, his mind is still sound but his body is that of a dog his age. Before Juno came along he was noticeably slowing down but she’s definitely given him a new lease of life and not letting him take everything for granted as the only dog in the house now :grin:


You’ve got excellent taste.

My cat is also called Juno :grin:

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Make sure you have plenty of tennis balls and ball throwers for the Springer mate. It will burn off the energy and get her fit. They become completely obsessed with balls, which is better than sticks as there’s the risk of them injuring themself with sticks. They’re bread to be very submissive scared type of dogs aswell as having tons of energy

Plenty of tennis balls around as the other one is ball obsessed too, even more so now she rules the roost :joy:

She is very submissive and her bark is hilarious, as she very rarely barks but has no issue telling someone off if she doesn’t like it.

It’s by far the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced!


Saturday morning vet visit for one of the cats :rage:

First post lockdown cut (by a professional)