The Pet Thread


Beautiful! But why Flakor is looking for justifications to use the Atom bomb? :smile:


They are so cool! We had beardies living on our property over in WA, hundreds of the little fuckers! Love em :dragon::+1:


I let him run around my room when I was planning lessons for the new year. Not unlike cats, bearded dragons enjoy walking on important stuff

This one looks even more like he’s planning world domination


I didn’t realise they went anywhere near people in the wild, I assumed they lived in the outback. They won’t even drink water from a bowl because in the wild they don’t come across standing bodies of water so they don’t recognise it as something they can drink.


Perfect shot :smile:


That is a magnificent creature @Leper

Good thing I2004 isn’t about to see the slideshow you were working on, this thread would go completely off the rails :arteta:


This is Max, the Westie, and Milo, the Jack Russell cross…

Both showing how good they are are not getting on the sofa!!!


Tubs doing what he does 23 hours a day


Thankfully, we can only imagine :smile:


Malibu. She’s a poser.


Im allergic to cats (mildly, I get an annoying itch and my eyes go a bit funny) so I’ve never been able to really take to them. Beautiful animals though.


This is Yoda. The little monster turns 3 months old tomorrow.


Helpful as ever.

And yes, all my household appliances in some way reflect my political opinions.







Foo chilling…

Lily the jack russell


Cas the beardy. Did have a pair but the male died…old age.

Elvis, still not hibernating…




The Cat