The Pet Thread


My gf papped me this morning while I was sleeping off a vicious hangover


I can see why she snapped you. There was no room in the bed for her!


My cat does the same to me in the morning at ahout 4 and I find it so annoying. I’m definitely a horrible person :rofl:


Got my 5 year old Simba a 4 month old playmate today named Rocket.



Think Simba needs a while to adjust


Haha yeah, he’s been curious but also growling at him all afternoon. The girlfriend is our bedroom with Simba like normal, I’ve been sent to the spare room with Rocket, who’s not letting me get a few hours sleep before Arsenal :rofl:


Looking after this gorgeous fella while my parents are away for the weekend


This is our 13 week old Labrador Retriever named Chuck.


Theres an adult man with a beard sleeping in your bed Jakey, wtf??! :open_mouth:
How long was i gone for? I need all of you oldies to post recent pics. :joy: I feel like ive been in a coma. :scream:


I’ll show you mine if you show me yours :wink:


Ill think about it. :smile: The problem is that ive gotten older too. :scream:


You’ve used that line before haven’t you Jakey? :wink:


Jakey, arent we friends on fb btw? :thinking:


Yeah I’m pretty sure we are


Cant find you. :thinking:
My account was hacked a while ago and i cleaned out my friends list after that. Only kept the ones i talk to regularly cause i wasnt sure how it was hacked or if it was a virus.


@JakeyBoy is definitely the hacker here.




Only one of these cats belongs to me