The Pet Thread


Saturday mornings with this guy


Sorry to read that mate. :pensive:


Sorry for your loss. You def made the right descision.


Mano is elegant. Like outrageously elegant. I didn’t think a cat could be so classy and elusive before we had her. She’s like Özil.

And she’s also relaxed enough to just chill nearby when I wind down after work. Or maybe she just wants me to clear off the bed so she can sleep alone I can’t always tell. But I adore her.

And Lala… Lala’s a fool.

I expect he enters most peoples top 5 biggest cats lists by default. But aside from being the most huggable feline in East London he’s also an absolute joker.

Their contrasting styles create some amusing dynamics in the house. Here they are kindly asking for some tuna with their own demeanours.

We’ve had our cats about nine years now and just like some others on this thread, I don’t really want to imagine life without them.

This is Lala back in his hay day. When potatoes were phones.


It’s pretty special to have shared their company all these years. Not a day goes by where I don’t cherish my Lala and Mano. And I think all pet owners should do the same.



It? Nice touch…


Tried to get my dog into a full on Christmas outfit, she wasn’t having it, only managed the scarf… and now she wants to kill me



She doesn’t look happy.


If I tried any of this with my cat I don’t think I’d ever see her again!


Malibu took a selfie


You have a cat called Malibu? Do you also have Bacardi and Smirnoff?


What a joke! Better than Welbeck’s finishing :xhaka: :smile:


We were actually thinking of getting a black cat called Coke :grin:


Isn’t coke also white? :henry2:


Rare ice where I live. Little pond mostly frozen.:flushed:


Just going to repost something I put on FB as I’ve posted about Falkor on here before

Got home tonight to the sad discovery that Falkor had unexpectedly passed away.

I will never forget the day when Katherine came up the stairs and saw him sitting in his tank for the first time. She was already a big lizard fan having met Geeky the Gecko a couple of months before. That day, Katherine came up the stairs and saw him and shouted “It’s a gecko!” And this was at a time when her ability to articulate a sentence or concept like that was really limited.

I’ll never forget her saying good night to him every time she stayed over, or her eyes lighting up when his lights came on in the morning, or how she laughed every time she saw him darting around his viv, or the care she would take helping me put food down for him, and how proud she looked when he ate it.

He was always so lovely around her too, and would sit there happily while she made a fuss of him. He made a special little girls world even more special.

My Sundays are often full of laptops and marking, and a bearded dragon happily scuttling around the room. It’s going to be a sad and lonely task without you mate.

Sleep peacefully my friend. You deserve it.


Ah fuck man, sorry to hear that. Sounds like the relationship between him and your daughter was something incredibly special, raises it above the standard pet and owner relationship. Hope Katherine is alright if you’ve told her, or when you do.


Well luckily we still have Geeky the Gecko. She’ll be ok, with the cerebral palsy and her learning difficulties she doesn’t really understand the concept of dying, but still I’m sure she’ll still miss him.


Awwww bless her heart, what a beautiful little lady, looks like such a sweety. She likes Gekos huh? Does she have any other favourite animals? My nephews and neices and a lot of my family always seemed to love rabbits and dinosaurs…go figure!