The Pet Thread

I just wanna ruffle its head

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That is an absolutely gorgeous dog man! @Aussiegooner

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He seems to be ok man, but since I’ve got him we’ve only had a couple of days 35 +, I’d have to make sure he’s inside with aircon when we get a stretch of them next summer.

@Cristo it’s possible, but still fairly unlikely only 30ish kms from the CBD, if my place backed onto a reserve/ parkland yeah I’d be very concerned. For country / rural properties it’s an absolute massive concern.

@ArsenalFanNoTV cheers dude.


Oh hi Dan, I see you’re working from home today. If I can assist you with any tasks just let me know.


Is he a productive new work colleague?

Never were so many face licks achieved in a single work day.

Probably the cringiest thing you’ve ever wrote but fantastic looking dog :chester:


On OA, perhaps, but in general I doubt it. :grin:

I’d be overjoyed if that was the cringest thing I’d said or done on OA.

In all honesty, that probably wouldn’t even touch my top ten :grin:


I remember on the old OA where the archives went back a lot further in time. Going through your own posts from 5+ years ago, now that was cringe :joy:

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You were on the old forum?!

Yeah man. As dumb as this sounds I’ve gone into my emails to try remember what I previously signed up as and I could never find it! I don’t think I was that frequent a poster back then though to be remembered tbf.


What was your username, out of interest?

Edit - sorry, just read again properly. If you can’t even remember then we’re not gonna haha

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If you made 360 posts in 10 years you might be on here :face_with_monocle: Your final OA postcount?

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Could be worse, beach only 6-7 mins walk and Friday evenings with this guy :heart_eyes:.


I was surprised to see you @Robin_L just pip me in that list, didn’t realise you had made over 15,000 posts. Always remember the posting being more sporadic. I also vaguely remember our battles on that fruit slicing game in the arcade

This guy is always in my grill


Looks like my Tubs :slight_smile:


Hahaha awesome

Poppy basking in the sun and on guard for any feline intruders