The Pet Thread


This is my eight month old cat Juno, totally knackered last night after a typical day spent being a nuisance and a bit of a psycho. Her sheer hyperactivity and slight aggressive streak can be pretty challenging but I’ve always said I’d take those traits in a cat over having one that is timid and always afraid.

Anyone else got pets?


This is Chester. He’ll sleep anywhere. :slight_smile:


A pets thread :smiley: I love it! Keep em coming!


I have had 4 cats in my life and it has never done well with them.


2 Dogs, 3 Cats.


Five pets! Fair play mate, I’m not sure I could handle that many haha


This is Coco :dog2:


Definitely a handful! I put a post up on the old site about Diz our Dane who we unfortunately had to put down, the white Germ is a new addition to keep Kai company. She was doing well on her own for a while but having just moved across to the other side of Australia, she started smashing the cats so it was time to find her a friend haha :laughing:


Awesome photos mate! How old is she(?)?


This is Bahiga, when she was 2 years old. Now she’s 9.


Beautiful! Cats are very important in Egypt.


Why do you say so :smiley: ?




I fell in love :heart:


Ah, it’s only in the books :ozil2:


Beautiful cat @Cannon! :smiley: What breed is that? Kinda looks like a Ragdoll, but might be a Siamese?

Great thread @JakeyBoy, gotta love pets :slight_smile:


Siamese, and she has a Mau grandmother :smile:


Thanks mate! She’s 7 now :slight_smile:


A good age! :slightly_smiling_face: She looks like fun!


Geeky (the gecko) and Falkor (the bearded dragon) both very popular with my daughter (and me!)