The Perry Groves (hes a bit underrated isn't he) Award 2017

  • A.F
  • CunningLinguist
  • DennisTheGod
  • Gladiator
  • GunnerGirl
  • Invincibledb10
  • oompa
  • Phoebica
  • PPB
  • sevchenko

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Who’s a bit underrated, just like Perry Groves. @A.F @CunningLinguist @DennisTheGod @Gladiator @GunnerGirl @InvincibleDB10 @oompa @Phoebica, @PPB, @sevchenko

Invincibledb10. Always like to read him.

Some excellent posters on that list but @sevchenko gets my nod.

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Some quality posters in that list. Oompa for me this year.

Accidentally clicked when I was scrolling the options lol,

So be it, tbh they are all deserving winners.

I swear CunningLinguist hasn’t been seen in like 6 months?! :smile:

He belongs in the best posters list imo, so it absolutely has to be @sevchenko for me. No offence intended to some other very good posters nominated, but despite often disagreeing (mostly on politics lol), sev really stands out for me

Oh, so that’s how I got a vote :+1:

You can revote, I believe. Revisit the thread and you should be able to

No that was me, i got you bruh!!

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Surprised I got nominated lol