The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


They’ll still be up there next season.


It will be devastating for Liverpool if they get pipped to the title given the consistency of the season they’ve had.

I still think the squad would stick together, add a couple of players and go again next season and give it another crack.


Now i feel what opposition fans felt when we were taking those hard L’s, just pity.


I dont pity Chelsea. I laugh at them. Frigging lauded it up when they beat us 5-0 and their fans were unbearable.

Hope this happens to them more often than not


Suddenly a 3-1 loss there looks passable


No its not and false economy that.






Food for thought- Spurs play Liverpool before they play Man City while they may bear some sort of impact in the title race. By the time Spurs play Man City, they may just be out of the title race mathematically

Man City appear to benefit from the fixture schedule over Liverpool in this respect, too.

However, as I said before, we can and should finish Spurs title challenge off in early March :blush:


Hahaha, aussie that 99% prediction rate of urs is gonna take a massive hit when lolpool inevitably choke it away :joy::joy::joy:

Oh it would be incredible, but it aint happening so no matter :grin::grin:🖒🖒


Yeah my success rate will take a hit if Liverpool don’t win it, but it won’t be Liverpool choking it a way, if it does happen it’ll be because City will barely drop any points for the remainder of the season.






So Chelsea’s version of @Luca_from_Italy is an Indian guy. Neat.


Fuck off.


Wow, that is one wound up fan.

And as for the guy wearing the Chelsea shirt…



Spurs are 5 points off first spot and have to play away to Liverpool, City and Chelsea. How do you think they’ll pull out a title win out of all that? :smiley:


Its a big ask but technically their the fixtures you need to put yourself in with a shot of it. Capable of getting 5 or 6 points out of that on their day.
Not saying they will and other things have to go their way but its a chance.


It’s not a chance really, it’s a very distant possibility that has very little chance of coming true.


Yeah but its better to be 5 points behind and have your rivals to play. At least your playing 6 point type games. Plus you are coming into the last part of the season and everything becomes more magnified.
Dont think they will but things can happen.