The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


What a sore loser prick Sarri is


I think we all know that City’s best is probably the best in the world ATM, but that doesn’t instantly mean they’ll beat Liverpool to the title.


What happened?


Lol, Sarri walked right down the tunnel, didn’t take it well.


Great day for both Manchester clubs tbh.


Ran up the tunnel and didn’t shake Pep’s hand


Mike Dean is such a prat :joy:


Sarri not taking it well!


Haha he loves it


He truly loves his job doesn’t he? lol


No thats true. But I see Liverpool making more mistakes to the end of the season than city. I think squad wise Liverpool may be a touch short


What did Mike Dean do?


Hid the ball behind his top


Regarding squad I agree, it could almost be a blessing in disguise for Liverpool if Bayern knock them out as I don’t think they’ll sustain challengers on both fronts.


Yeah, I kinda agree with this.

For example, Liverpool still play Chelsea at home but Chelsea seem to have their number.

Furthermore, both Man City and Liverpool have to visit Old Trafford. Id fancy Man City to kick their arses more so Liverpool


:arteta: Fuck me this guy.


If Liverpool finish ahead of City that would be an incredible achievement even if you hate Liverpool you’ve got to admit that


Agree I fancy City more than pool at OT, but I think Liverpool will comfortably account for Chelsea at Anfield.


100% it will require like 95 points and it would be beating the most devastating side in Europe over a 38 game season and 9 months of football.


Would you fancy Liverpool to have another decent stab at the title again if they come up short?

Squad disbanding, and the general inability to amass 90 odd points in a season again (they wont only lose 1 game all season next season, for example) might just be their undoing