The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


City on their day are another level. They’ll catch Liverpool



I do but didn’t captain him ffs :expressionless:


We have the worst defence on planet earth and only lost here by two goals hahahaha wtf


@Aussiegooner must be fuming we are above Chelsea on GD now :stuck_out_tongue:


Stop being harsh on our team :xhaka:




I was being ironic :wink:






they already have they are top


Lolpool are gonna choke from here, title is all City’s :joy::joy::joy::joy:


A big game annihilation and Arsenal aren’t on the receiving end ? I must say it feels goooooood.


@Luca_from_Italy I can’t stand the rent boys, this is absolutely fantastic viewing.


City have got Kante running out there like Peres

He’s absolutely shattered.


Good mate ;). For once you can’t moan about us :poldi:


I thought we had a good chance of reversing the goal swing against Chelsea this weekend, but I thought it would be more to do with us battering Huddersfield rather than City battering Chelsea :wenger:


I think the best way to describe this game would be a comprehensive win for Man City.


Chelsea away to Bournemouth lol 4-0 Chelsea worst result of the season.

Chelsea away to City ORLY? Hold my beer.

Chelsea lose 6-0

Chelsea away to Bournemouth like


Or Chelsea spreading the cheeks and saying, “let us have it”.