The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


6-0 please so we can go ahead of them :joy:


could easily have been 8 or 9 already tbh, they already hit the bar that is 6 by itself. How i would laugh if mancity hit double figures.


Jesus on for Aguero.


Ha, was thinking the same thing


What a tit.


Did they? :joy::joy: I’ve only been able to watch it since the 60th minute


yup chelsea have been literally destroyed by Mancity could have easily had another 2 goals at least on what they have gotten so far…chelsea look destroyed and they just dont give a fuck.


Hazard is definitely off haha. When he goes they are finished. If I was him I’d do a Hazard special and give up for the final 11 games :joy:


Tyler and Neville taking the piss out of Emerson :rofl:


mancity on top spot now, will liverpool get slippy now? :henry2:


FUCK! Almost 6-0!
Silva on for Fernandinho.


Aguero’s record against the top clubs is exceptional, definition of a big game player.





Sterling 6-0 :joy:



lol maaaaaaaaaaaaaan and i was half embarrased by our performance with these guys but at least we tried our damndest.


WE ARE 5TH! :henry2:


Mine too :syringe::syringe::syringe:


Now currently back up to 5th :arteta: Beyond our wildest dreams Chelsea losing this heavily. Makes a bloody change seeing some other London club get battered about instead of us.


Don’t have Agüero tho sadly haha


Our match against City looking respectable now, excluding Barkley this is probably Chelsea’s best XI out there!