The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


“Only one team has come back from 4-0 down in the Premier League… remember Newcastle?” :unamused:


Cocky bastards.


Ederson toying with fatty here.


Wow Just noticed the scoreline and that it took just 30mins for them to score 4 goals…


City hit the bar!


Sarri at Chelsea is so one dimensional.

He does that substitution damn near every game, nothing different. So, so predictable.


Aguero hatrick incoming.

Sticks it away calmly like he’s having a country stroll.




El Kun! 5-0!


The faith on this boy


Aguero is perhaps my favourite non-Arsenal PL player. What a guy


And on top of that he has missed the easiest chance of them all (the tap in in the 1st half) lol


Time for Sarri to smoke some cigarettes to relax himself :giroud:


wow city have wiped out chavskis gd already pretty much



Chelsea’s last 2 away games:

Bournemouth-Chelsea 4-0
Manchester City-Chelsea 5-0?



Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea
Man City 5*-0 Chelsea

It’s all getting a bit Arsenal

Great minds Señori :sunglasses:


lol look at mike dean as he blows for the penalty…talk about being so dramatic, absolute cretin.


At least our fans won’t complain about our shit away form for once :roll_eyes:


Bachirou to destroy Chelsea next week. :sunglasses: