The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Sarri might roll a joint during halftime, shit is too hard to take.




It really makes our performances against them last week seem not so bad now :unai:

Chelsea have absolutely lost their way in the last two months.


Look at the scrubs Hazard is playing with.


Sarri is even more dogmatic and predictable than Wenger


Funny how the atmosphere around here changed so quickly. We were 2-0 up against Huddersfield, and everyone was mad at our game, thinking this must be Arsenal’s worst performance in months. Disappointment all around.

And now Chelsea’s getting hammered, and everyone’s jolly.


“De Gea at United, Kepa at Chelsea, Alisson at Liverpool, Ederson at City. Whose the next big club? Everyone says Everton but they’re 13th”



4-0?! ffs I went out for a bit and Chelsea are losing 4-0 :rofl: gonna try and be back for the second half






That’s funny, when he was a player in the 90s it was all United and Arsenal in the Premier League. I think that omission is intentional.


Chelsea remind me of Arsenal under Wenga: always play in the same way regardless of the result.


Doesn’t mention Sp*rs either… but that’s ok, I’m fine with that. :wink:


Arsenal should have sounded out Conte last summer


I love Conte but not sure that he would’ve worked out here. I don’t think he really settled in england and if he fell out of love with Chelsea’s transfer policy he would’ve hated ours


Nice save from Ederson on fatty.


Towards the end of his tenure really soured Conte for me.

He was so childish,antagonistic and lacked professionalism. Like you said he would be even more frustrated with our transfer policy.


It’s between us and Manure for the 4th spot. Chelsea are gonna finish 6th because Sarri are just too stubborn and the players have turned on him.


Just a reminder, Chelsea gotta face these guys again in the League Cup Final :arteta:


I kinda hope Chelsea beat Man United in the cup game and the remaining league game, too.

As you say, defeat might make the wheels fall off the ManUre bandwagon