The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Impressive from Wolves.


Fulham two own goals in the space of 3 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Massive win for Liverpool today. I figured they might drop points in this fixture after the last 2 games, now they’ve got through a tough fixture (altho Salah may have dived again) and I imagine they’ll walk their next 2 games back at Anfield. Back in control of things sadly


Another blank sheet for Liverpool. Always give you a chance. Solid win and puts pressure back on city for monday.
Remember when Salaha was a one season wonder.:roll_eyes:


Is that 3 dives in a row now? Newcastle, us and Brighton?

If Mia f’ckin Khalifa is calling up Guendouzi on diving, why isn’t anyone picking up on Salah doing it?

The double standards in this league is sickening


Puel fuck up at Newport paying dividends again today with a home loss to saints. Borrowed time here on the back of a dick selection in the cup.


Such a dour manager


Yeah a toss up between him and Silva at Everton who has less charisma.


A dour manager that beat the chavs and Man City in consecutive games and has his team in basically the exact league position you’d expect them to finish in +/- 1 position, but for their deluded shit fans with no apparent grasp of realism, that’s not enough


Newcastle goooooal


Red half of Manchester goes wild.


@Josh :wink:


Yeah but Shane Long scoring. . .


All the more impressive considering just who he’s playing with in the final third.

Hazard is a marvel, he’s responsible for everything in the attacking sense at Chelsea.


@Darkseid and @Phoebica you can try all you want but I’ll never give up my title as the Biggest Hater of Eden Hazard!

Maybe it’s because he plays for Chelsea or because I get so rilled up by all the talk of Özil being a bad teammate because he doesn’t “try” hard enough, even though Hazard quit on Mou and Conte without anyone writing pearl clutching op-eds about it.

Maybe I’ll be able to view him differently if he ever moves on to Madrid. But until then I’ll continue my one man campaign of having the hottest takes on him being overrated garbage. :arteta:


weird flex but ok


Yeah it may sound funny but it was an hugely important for Liverpool to bounce back to winning ways after the City and cup defeat. They didn’t play well at all in an attacking sense but never looked like conceding.


What a guy. Ireland’s finest @shamrockgooner


Another Liverpool lovers :bellend:


Sadly so. Big things expected from that Obafemi guy over at Southampton though :slight_smile: