The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




How do u fckin know this? Drives me mad actin like nostradamoose all the fuckin time!


All jokes aside the result in Manchester does keep the season interesting, if Liverpool won or even avoided defeat it would have been no good for the interest of the title race.


Another thing I’ll credit the Premier League for is, currently it has 2 of the top 4 or 5 sides in Europe.


David Silva overrated? Please say it ain’t so bro.

A lot of City’s problems started when he got injured, they still haven’t lost in the league when he’s started the game.

David Silva is the man, it may have been one
poor game but it is truly the exception, he’s only just come back from injury. People always bang on about KDB but David Silva is just as vital if not more so, just like Aguero he’s become better with age.

I’d rather have him than Ozil, no question.


Silva is one of the greatest midfielders to ever play in the PL! Probably City’s best ever player


This is what I mean.

Those kinds of games have happened more often than you’d think.

I won’t deny he’s gotten better since Pep but Yaya and Aguero >>>>>


All quality players but Kun with 213 goals in 314 appearances for City makes him their best ever player IMO, that’s simply just an elite record.


Can’t agree with you there, he’s a beacon of consistency.


Different position though. I mean they’re probably got 3 in the argument as Yaya was absolutely unplayable and probably more important than both at his best. And now you have KDB making a very good case for himself.


Since the start of the new century (18 seasons), only 6 times, the table leader at this stage of the season didn’t win the Premier League. 4 of those 6 times, that was Arsenal.





  • 15/16


ffs it was between 09/10 and 15/16 for the last position haha. Wasn’t sure what one as we were 1st around both times





2002/2003 probably stings me the most, we should never have not won the league that season, should have been 3 in a row with 2002, 2003 & 2004.


Couldn’t provide you with a link, but was interesting hearing Henry dismiss people who do the whole “if only we won in 02/03, we’d have won three in a row” chat by saying that without the disappointment of that season they may well have not done what they did in the following season.

Its easy to underestimate the impact of psychological factors of top level sport


Potentially that could be the case and I Certainly think we wouldn’t have gone unbeaten had we won in 2003. I still think we likely still would have had to much class in 2004 though even if the hunger and disappointment wasn’t around from missing out in 2003.