The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


It’s the new PL goto rivalry.


Him and Bernado were absolutely brilliant tonight.


Sane was immense. What a fucking player. Pure class.


How is henderson still at a top 4 club though ?


That finish was cool as fuck. Such a classy player.


Alot of maturity and know how in his performances to compliment his talent too


He’s such a hard worker too, put in a massive shift both offensively and defensively. Combine that with his natural ability and flair, outstanding. Fucking outstanding.




Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck off lol pool. Ya dunnnnn nooooo


He is awesome. Can easily see him becoming the best winger in the world.


David Silva was absolutely terrible btw, good grief, Ozil would’ve gotten destroyed for that performance.


So overrated imo


Unlucky Aussie. I know you lot really wanted to win that one


They got wolves away next in the cup then brighton. Don’t fancy Liverpool’s chances


They’ll easily beat Brighton and still win the league


Narrow loss, they’ll be fine imo unless Klopp starts choking, which is always on the table.


I’m sure Liverpool can’t possibly let this slip, just as I’m sure they’ll go again :nauseated_face:



Liverpool will still win the league but at least it won’t be unbeaten.


Fuck off ye scouse cunts