The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


How is Pep not sent to the stands?


Double City chance.


Sterling had to score that


Lovren is a walking disaster lol, keep up the good work


The spirit of 2004 lives on. Bye bye fuckers!


Great game


First time I’ve seen City pushed in their 18th box at home in a long time, Credit to pool tbh.


Awesome game! Such fucking energy.

Great result too :grin:



Fernandinho was bloody brilliant. So important to that City team.



Deserved City win




look no fisting butts with razor blades were needed @LordBendtner



Finally their luck ran out. Its only downhill from here. Back to midtable next season COYG !



Do one scousers :sunglasses:


Arsenal Invincibles intact :sunglasses:


There’s a wonderful irony that Liverpool ended Man City’s unbeaten record 12 months ago, and then fast forward today and Man City get their own back on the Scousers :smiley:

Great to see a match as big as this firmly live up to occasion for a change.


MOTM for me.

Awesome player.


Love watching van Dijk moan like a little bitch. He has a very dislikeable air of arrogance about him.

Unbeaten season preserved. That’s all that really fucking matters, right?