The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Shukar-alhamdulillah for Lovren.

That cocky prick :arteta:


One of the world’s best don’t you know?


He cost them like 60m tho


Robertson has bossed Sterling for the most part




Aaaaand when I say it he gets skinned :joy:


Nice save from Allison. Liverpool have been shit at the back today.


I would’ve put my savings on Aguero scoring that. Electric from sterling


Imo we opened the floodgates to Liverpool’s defence with that fantastic AMN goal :kos2:

You’re welcome City, and football in general




Aubameyamg would get scorched for that miss.


Refs trying to get Liverpool something from this game.

That was a foul from VVD ffs




Of course it was a German to get the 2-1. :xhaka2:


Guardiola has every right to be incensed there tbh


Pep has a fucking temper on him haha. Was a clear foul in the build up to be fair


Two new defenders on that have a clanger in them… fuck.


Got to admire Kompany there. Taking himself off because he knows he’s bloody shit!


These youfs don’t know how to do Invincibles.


LMAO sturling