The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


My brother and best friend both liverpool fans, like everyone here in Denmark. :gabriel:


Scintillating finish by Aguero, the amount of power he generated was absolutely insane.


Wonderful, god I hope city just smash these cunts in the 2nd half. Need a 4 or 5 nil to city.


Sweden > Denmark tbh.


Ok mate, everything for u :heart:


They still holding on to that Daniel Agger thing eh?


Won’t be, Liverpool are to organised for that, took a sheer piece of brilliance from Aguero to break them down.


Lovren exposed as the weak link.

That Stones clearance goes through Salah’s legs I think


Balanced. Good game overall.


Preston’s invincibles went unmatched for a century, ours can’t be after 12 years come on. :torreira:


weclome back! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re doing Shearer a disservice :smiley: He scored 260 goals in the Premier League.

It’s 15 years now Persona, do keep up old chap :kos2:


Welcome back ! How was ur time off?


Aguero far from finished despite what many have said in the past. Still one of the best strikers in the world.


Yep. The agger effect lel. The John Jensen effect didnt do the trick for us :arteta:


Super Sayan power shot from Aguero.


It’s also a bit exaggerated that he is injured “all the time” when he’s had 40+ appearances every season 10 out of 12 seasons in Atletico and City, and the other two were 34 and 39 (last season). He is injured more often than average probably and obviously misses games, he could have 5 more apps on average sure, but he’s not “out all the time” which I seem to read here and there.


His fitness has been excellent for a while now.

You’d have thought he’s Bale or Robben by the way some bang on.


exactly the type of examples I had in mind.


Well whatever effect it is, it must be a very strong one if they are still supporting these losers after so many years :joy::joy: