The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


250 Premier League goals. Wow.


Shades of Lacazette there from Aguero! :laca:


Haha 60 mil and still beat at your near post.


Leno would have easily saved that tbf.


It sounds weird given that everyone knows Aguero is a great player, but I still feel like he is under rated.




Ferdandinho is such a baller.

So, so crucial to this City side.


He is, always has been imo

Possibly my favourite non Arsenal player


Career league goals not prem. Think Shearer isn’t even on 250 in PL. :slight_smile:


Aguero second best striker in the league after Lacazette




Wtf I knew that commentator had it wrong. He said 250 league goals I thought surely not but then thought surely he has done his research so probably right, guess not. Bastard.

Long sentence


Wow that half really got going. Gotta love Aguero, such a class player


Im too nervous to watch the game, how is it ?


First half shows how much work we still got ahead of us, fuuuck


I agree and think the same of Messi, when you’re performing at such a high level for years on end people will take you for granted especially when new shiny things come on the block such as Salah et al.

Aguero still has the best goal per minute and has what ten league goals (four less than Kane) despite playing around 600 minutes less.

It’s out of this world productivity.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why?!


My life will be a living hell if Liverpool win the league.


:joy::joy::joy: fair enough


MAN UP!! :henry2: