The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Not sure @Darkseid

He is a great player when he’s in full flow. That full flow isn’t every week, though. Can we call a player world class for that?

He is to Chelsea what Ozil is for us.


And I wonder why Ozil gets picked on and Eden Hazard doesn’t…hmmmm…


Invincible talk put to bed before Christmas. Lovely :sunglasses:

I know Liverpool are still unbeaten, but I have no worries about them – they’ll lose at some point for sure.


If Virgil gets hurt or is suspended they’ll absolutely lose. Still can’t believe they signed him before Barca or Bayern did.



Hazard puts that team on his back so many times it’s insane, he is the reason they won the title under Conte. He’s never played with an attacking manager until Sarri or multiple players of the same ability in attack.

Without him Chelsea are done. He’s not comparable to Ozil in that sense.


Anyone else hanging around for the Spurs match? If LCFC can pull this one out I’ll refrain from saying anything derogatory about the east midlands, Vardy or the Leave campaign for a few hours. :pray:


Once again, all the early worries about Man City going unbeaten have bene firmly put to bed. It really illustrates each year, just how difficult to achieve that feat is. They were always going to come unstuck eventually :slight_smile:


Oi, Josh. Don’t diss Leicester :wink:


Spurs are winning 0-2.

Allow it. Rambo’s on on the other side


Leicester suck


Really surprised at the amount of people wanting Chelsea to beat City, terrible result for us Chelsea winning.


Chelsea will drop alot more points during the season then city will. Plus seeing City lose makes the title race more interesting


I still can’t understsnd the logic, only one of the teams playing in that game are relevant to us, hence me wanting them to lose.


For some of us its the Invincibles record we don’t want broken !! In the big scheme of things its one thing that provides some comfort whilst we rebuild :rofl:


Martin Keown and Ian Wright on MOTD.



I just wanted an end to the invincible talk. I think Chelsea will finish above us regardless.


Hahahaha I thought I was the negative one haha. Yeah I do think Chelsea will come above us but I think we’re some sort of chance.


Top 2 is set but I think us, scum, chelsea could all finish in any order between 3-5


It depends if we strengthen our defence in January, but at the moment I think that is what will ultimately cost us top 3. I do fancy us for 4th place though.


We’re 16 games in and hands up who didn’t think we would be flailingly chasing these cunts at this stage? All their win did yesterday was restore parity.

I definitely preferred a Chelsea win yesterday and will go back to hoping they lose basically every other game now.

If we don’t get 4th it will have much more to do with our record against Chelsea as opposed to theirs against city.