The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Fucking hell, that’s the luckiest goal ever, right on full time!


OMG lucky as hell


SCENESSSS FROM KLOPP :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


What in the world, Pickford with a howler.

If Liverpool win the league it’ll go back to this result right here, crazy stuff


lol at Pickford catching the ball and throwing it back onto the pitch for Origi to head it in :rofl: He might catch some flak for that one


The worst thing is, it was going to hit the bar and most likely go out of play. Game was basically over, draw was all bar confirmed, but his handling some how led it back in towards goal :facepalm: Penalty winning save against Colombia must seem like a million miles away right now for Pickford.




If Liverpool win the league thanks to them two points :joy:


If Liverpool win at Emptyhad, that’ll put them top. I think both Manchester City and Liverpool will win all their games up to that point


Absolute Shambles from Pickford, I’ve never rated him as highly as some people do either. Again Liverpool showing if you can keep clean sheets you give yourselves a chance though.


Sturridge last minute at Chelsea. Mahrez misses a last minute pen at Anfield. This today. Name could be on it.


I fancy our chances against them at Anfield at the end of the month though.

God only knows we’re due against them. God knows we’re due to derail a title challenge of theirs, too (as they’ve done to us numerous times!)


March 2012

Been a while since we won there aswell.


Us and Spurs are level after 14 matches, we’ve played 8 home and 6 away, whilst they’ve played 5 at home and 9 away, sadly this probably means it’s advantage spurs if you look at the bigger picture.


Technically Tottenham have played 14 away games.

And that may be a disadvantage, but it doesn’t matter as they’ll be playing the rest of their games away for the foreseeable future.



What did Luca do?
He lost it even when we won?


Think he was gone by Half time mate.


Never celebrate too early #Dier
And never despair too early


So aptly named Dier especially for a dyslexic.


Mark hughes sacked from Southampton