The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


what the fuck is that guy doing kneeling down on a free kick, these players are taking the piss for sure. If one of our players did that when our team is struggling we would call them everything under the sun.


WTF!? :mustafi:


Rashford over the moon :rofl:
Fuck! They are gonna win it now for sure.


Southampton can’t defend at all haha. United will probably win now but fun while it lasted




Blimey this game has absolutely zero defending abilties going on. United already pulled it back to 2-2. No wonder Southampton are right near the bottom.


Southampton are absolute garbage, United will win this and Southampton are getting relegated this season…


Wish Southampton got awarded a penalty for that.



United to get a jammy late goal.
Lukaku falls on his arse lol!


its gonna be hilarious when this shower beat us on wednesday


I’ll know we’ve begun a new era when we get a convincing win at OT haha


Ok Sherlock. Scottish doom monger :xhaka:


Ashley Young suspended for Wednesday. Is that a good or bad thing?


2-2 FT. Nice results!



These cunts are genuinely horrible


I’ve just accepted the loss :joy: We never do well in Old Trafford haha


Glad united didn’t steal it late, if anything Southampton was the better team in the second half.

We really shouldn’t lose at OT on Wednesday night, but I’m kind of expecting to lose which is sad.


Our unbeaten run will end at Old Trafford, again. Doesn’t matter how shit they are.