The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Wolverhampton should have scored here.
Cardiff with a massive win.


You don’t think that in and of itself is a pretty bigoted comment?

Odd given your condemnation of the intolerance of these “sand people”


Was literally just about to post the same thing. It’s ironic really


Every year its a common accurnace they say this when they support a European team who don’t hold the same stone age value as they do. For a flippint comment I found it funny. Don’t see how its the same. I don’t see them as sand people haha


Dude I like you and think your heart is in the right place, I’m not saying you’re a bigot or anything like that at all, or even that you agree with that comment (despite finding it funny). So dont get me wrong Cal babe, I may have no filter tonight but I’m not having a go at you :kissing_heart:

But calling a racial/ethnic group “sand people” really is quite offensive and bigoted.


Let’s not act like the West is a beacon of a change and equality though when the far right and rising as fast as they are and racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and so on are still so rife across Europe

And I know you’re not a bigot believe me Calum. So this isn’t aimed at you


I almost immediately deleted the post tbh, but thought I should read on.

Whatever the intention, the interpretation it doesn’t belong on here.


Fair enough @JakeyBoy @SRCJJ @shamrockgooner on second thoughts maybe it shouldn’t have been posted as for them brief few minutes of finding it funny just for the sheer fact of being sick of people from these countries posting the same shit every year. The guy should have just risen above it instead of stooping to their level :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I hear you man. I actually saw that comment myself on my lunch break, it’s from the Arsenal Pride picture on our official FB page. I read through the comments and laughed (and despaired) at all the homophobic bigots we’ve attracted from across the globe, and like you said, when I saw that one I was a bit disappointed to see him stooping to their level, so hypocritically.


Bold prediction. City will lose today.


6 0. . . . . city


Yep :xhaka2:


Why AFC Bournemouth have to wear their away kit vs City when it’s more resembling City’s kit than their home one?


Huddersfield already up.

1-0 West Ham

1-0 Leicester

Game over in Manchester. 1-0 City.

Palace score as well.

2-0 Leicester


Disaster in terms of FPL, Aguero dropped completely and he’s my captain :roll_eyes:



1-1 Brighton!


wouldnt have thought that last week :henry2:


Palace, Leicester and West Ham up at HT, while City and Huddersfield draw.


3-1 City. Big pressure back on Liverpool tomorrow


City up again. Sterling.

2-0 West Ham

Brighton take the lead now.

Game truly over. 3-1 now.

2-0 Palace

3-0 West Ham

Palace, Brighton, Leicester, City and West Ham win. Southampton-United now.