The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Wolverhampton can fuck off. Big game raising cunts.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Luca at it again


Expected it, tbh. Wolves are many of the Premier League teams who only like to put in an effort against us.


Massive win for Huddersfield. Maybe they are staying up again.


Need evidence here Luca


Nah. Much like Wolves upped their game against us Huddersfield upped theirs today. Happens a hundred times a season.


Well done do the bald Aussie for netting a brace :clap:



That was quick! 1-0 Newcastle.

2-0 Newcastle. 2 shot, 2 goals for them.

Game on!

Should have been 2-2!
2-1 Newcastle at HT.
2-1 Newcastle FT. Massive win for them.




What a punchable face!!!


Mike Dean running down the touchline in delight after Kane pokes one in. Ah that’s something to look forward to.


Although apparently he was the ref for our 2-0 win last season and made a few mistakes which helped us get the win


If we had a choice and we could only win 1 game against them, which one would you want us to win more? This Sunday or the league cup QF?


Always a PL win against spurs over a League Cup win.


League, no question (for me)


Congratulations to Tottenham for the win :rofl:


League game anyway but particularly as I’m going to that one!


Premier League by the absolute length of the Nile, I’d only contemplate saying winning the League cup game if Manchester City was out of the competition, but even then I’d still say Premier League.


I keep forgetting we got to the final and lost last season :joy::joy: