The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Could have been 3-2 here. Chelsea have woken up too late.


What sort of level was Sterling before he joined Pep though ? Pep simply helps players reach the optimum level they can.


You what now?


To think people used to laugh at Wenger about 4th place and now everyone holds 4th place as important ffs :rofl:


4th place is a lot harder than it was in say 2013 though, the points tally’s show that. Chelsea currently 4th with 28 points from 13 games. Wenger used to win leagues with 78 points.


Sterling was a very good talent and one of the most promising players in the country. Plus easier to develop a player surrounded with top level players around you. Come on mate be fair.


Thats when there wasn’t a top 6.


Deserved win for Tottenham. Chelsea getting exposed so badly at the back. If Hazard and Kanté don’t work they are quite an average team.


ONE OF US. :laughing:


Also if we sacked Wenger when we should have and got Klopp and had Liverpool’s record of 10-3-0 with only 5 goals conceded no one would be harping on about 4th place.


Hazard is top quality player but people saying earlier in the season he could be the talisman that carrys them to the title is way off.
Hes not prolific enough and would not hit great numbers at Barca or Madrid imo.


When Giroud was upfront he was ballin’

Funny since Morata has been starting he’s not scored in ages :thinking:


David Luiz is such a comedian of a defender lol


As a 17yo Sterling was doing good numbers so he should have got to this level in theory but Pep has definitely brought the best out in him too.


Huddersfield up against Wolverhampton.

1-0 Huddersfield at HT.


It’s not Wolves’ day…


LOLLL how close can you get :joy:


Nuno is way too stubborn with this formation, considering how Jimenez is not prolific he should be trying two up top.


2-0 Huddersfield! Wow!


Makes our failure to beat wolves look worse now ffs.