The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Nope where the hell did you get that from haha

Lol Luca you can’t ever tell someone this :wink:




Looooool Leno would have been crucified for both those goals


How is that a complaint? :confused:


It sounded so. I do apologize.


Morata was born offside


Chelsea frauds getting caught out I love it.

They’ve been shit most games, just like us.





Almost 3-0.


Chelsea are really lucky this isn’t 4-0 already haha


Morata’s 18th offside this season :laughing:


Chelsea should be 5-0 down at least.


I used to fucking hate that with Walcott but the worst at it was fucking Adebayor, its like he didnt have enough brain cells to be able to look across the line and figure out whether he was offside or not.


Another great save.
2-0 Tottenham at HT. Chelsea so so lucky to be only 2-0 down.


Morata offside again :joy::joy:


City and Liverpool making a mockery of the Premier League with 35 & 33 points respectivy from 13 starts.

Spurs are showing us what it requires to finish top 4 in the current climate, very consistent vs 7-20 + a couple of big wins in United away & Chelsea at home.


Son deserved goal. He ran half way down the pitch came inside and scored :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Chelsea getting fuckkked


Brilliant goal by Son. Good to see Chelsea being exploited for the 3rd or 4th side they’re, they ain’t no title challenger.


Son is an absolute class player


Taxi for Jorginho!