The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Hopefully both City and Chelsea draw today.


Nope. Hope City hammer United today.


Not if Anthony Taylor has anything to do with it… the guy whose entire family support Man United, but he says his team are Altrincham :laughing:

City fans are triggered.


Lol he’s the worst ref in the league





Lol as much as I hate United I think some people seem to forget just how successful a club they’ve been. Like Keown suggesting that their barely deserves victory over Juventus in the CL was possibly their greatest European away result.



I had to give up :confused:


Didn’t get Richards or Geovanni


I think Man U will get something from the game against Man City.
They are 15/2 to win.
I can’t remember them being those sort of odds in a PL game before.


these days everyone seems to have the memory of a goldfish


I didn’t get Garrido, Bojinov or Petrov


Liverpool looking crap so far.


Oh for fucks sake. I’ve gone from cheering a Fulham goal to cursing at the screen!

Edit: Mitro looked onside to me too!!


Argh so frustrating when things like that happen. Fulham were not ready for the break. I’m not even convinced Mitrovic’s goal was offside!


Salah can only score in this way. Stupid Fulham defending.


Mitrovic looked onside there.

That’s so cruel for Fulham.


The Scousers are truly pathetic. Can see them winning nothing this season.


5 0 incoming now.


Completely unmarked in the box :face_with_raised_eyebrow: