The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Southampton have lost all their principles. They were a decent club a few years ago but bad managerial appointments and poor player recruitment means they now are a club no one would miss.


They have had some decent players come through their system like VDV, Mane, Wanyama, Schneiderlin, Clyne, Shaw, Lallana, Lovren, Chambers etc.
Liverpool have spent more than 150m on Southampton players in recent seasons but they haven’t reinvested nearly enough of that in new players.

Also, whoever on the Southampton board thought it was a good idea to get Mark Hughes, needs to pay more attention.
He has to be one of the most overrated managers in Europe.
How gets so many jobs at PL clubs is astonishing.


How is this statement even remotely true?


Name me another manager worse than him who has managed more PL clubs.
There seems to be plenty of PL club owners that are keen to employ him so the fact he is clearly not good enough and still gets offered jobs would indicate he is overrated.


Here’s a different idea. Why don’t you tell me what you think makes him so bad?

He managed Blackburn to two top ten finishes (6th and 7th actually). That was good enough to get him a call up by City where he did a not terrible job but also had to deal with the buy out which had him as a doomed man from the minute it happened.

He finished 8th with Fulham and left. He managed QPR and kept them up and was sacked a few months into the next season.

Stoke finished 9th, 9th, 9th, 13th and were relegated after he left in his final season. Southampton were in real trouble when he took over and they stayed up.

So what’s he done that’s so wrong? If I was a PL club owner I’d certainly be prepared to give him a shot based on all that. He most certainly is not the most overrated manager in Europe.

And just in case there is any confusion I think he’s a massive cunt.


Mark Hughes is a awful manager now tbh. He was decent when he first started but any club is stupid to get him now imo


Ok then, I agree.
He’s a fantastic manager.


That’s not agreeing with me. I’ve said nothing of the sort.


Yeah Mark Hughes’ managerial career is quite good if you look at it carefully.


Done a good stint for Wales actually. Lucky really to get the Saints job last season though, as it was him who really got Stoke relegated.


I love the way you made it sound like it was the manager’s fault that replaced Hughes as to why Stoke was relegated last season. " Relegated after he left in his final season". What you said isn’t incorrect, but the way you worded it was extremely generous to Mark Hughes.


No that’s definitely not what I did. They did get relegated after he left. If I was looking to down play that I just wouldn’t have mentioned it.


I think all in all when you look at Hughes his CV isn’t to bad obviously, but after his last season at Stoke City he was probably lucky to find himself at the helm of a top flight Premier League club.


Employing Mark Hughes is what a club does when they want to stay in the league but have lost any ambition to do more than that.

That sums everything up. He’s not total shit, and he’s also not the most overrated manager in the game.

If you simply need survival, I understand why you’d appoint him. If you want more than that, have some balls and appoint someone with the vaguest semblance of vision and ambition.


All shit games today. Only Palace-Tottenham is interesting.


Just got back from getting a haircut, said the exact same thing to my barber as we put on our shared acca on today’s matches. A bunch of poverty matches


I can image Palace are gonna bend over for the Scums :xhaka:


I so desperately need one myself. Two weeks I haven’t been but my barber is a Spurs fan so the last 2 years have been unpleasant lol


Mine is a gooner :smile:


Barbers never needed one when I had long hair for years. Now I still dont for the reverse.:sleepy: