The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




Huddersfield up. Fulham are pretty fucked, aren’t they?


imagine if they go back down to the championship with the wages they have to pay and the players they just bought, this is how clubs fuck themselves up royally.


They wont go down their manager will be sacked before Christmas. So much sloppy passing and defending in that Fulham side I wonder why he hasn’t been sacked by now


Should never be getting relegated with the players they have at their disposal.


Fulham need to change this formation, not working in the least.

Mitrovic may as well be in the dressing room with all the service he’s getting.


Can see Sam Allardyce taking the job


If that’s the case they best sticking with what they have


Huddersfield up at HT.


Why not play two up top? He’s damn near changed everything but that.

Have Schürrle or Vietto run in behind.


I am genuinely baffled. When I summed up this summer’s transfer window I concluded that seen to their current position, economic strength etc. Fulham may have made the most powerful transfer window in all of football this summer.

A newly promoted team landed:
Seri, a player linked with top clubs in Europe (like ourselves), Anguissa who was a regular starter for Marseille, they secured Mitrovic from Newcastle who scored 12 goals in 17 championship games for them, they got a Dortmund player and German international in Schürrle as well as an Atletico Madrid youngster in Vietto in on loan, along with another couple of top club young uns (Chambers from us and Fosu-Mensah from United), plus Beşiktaş goalkeeper.

They almost got an entire starting 11 from clubs that play in Europe. Impressive I thought and guessed they would perform like… I suppose Watford are, making a serious effort to play in the EL. And now they have 5 points after 10 games. Is it too early to judge Jokanovic, getting this many new players to gel is difficult. Or is it a massive under-achievement so far?


It’s like Everton last season when everyone said they had the best transfer window.

Money and transfers mean nothing if you don’t have the philosophy and chemistry to back it up


Shitty from Jokanović taking Vietto off considering what they have on the bench.

Cowardly to take off an attacker when you need to get back into the game at 1-0 down, he may just not be cut out for this league.

If they lose here he’s a dead man walking.


Or our club…


Fulham have simply bought too many players. They can’t get together.


Pretty much.

Bournemouth and Burnley show you can build a solid premier league side with a methodical approach and minor spending.

Fulham were actually on a good trajectory in terms of transfer policy and approach until this summer.


Sessegnon one of their better goal threats still playing at LB.

Jokanović doing himself no favours.


Awful from Schürrle there.

Considering Fulham have Liverpool, Chelsea and United away in their next five games it’s looking like it may well be over for Jokanović


Jokanovic surely gone after this one?


He might get until Southampton but to be honest I don’t see him making it work from here.

Getting smacked up by Cardiff and losing a must win game against Huddersfield (if it happens) says it all.