The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Iwobi disagrees :giroud:


Chelsea’s Fabregas song is so shit.

“Fabregas is magic, he wears a magic hat, he could have gone to Arsenal but he said fuck off to that…”

Pretty sure we’re the ones who said fuck off to that!


So it’s gonna be a 3-horse race for the title, with us, Tottenumb and Manure fighting for the 4th place.



City will win the Title, but yeah I see what you’re saying.


Liverpool won it that season. omens


It’s all about improving for us. We are not fighting for the title.


Yeah I know that, for me the season will be a success if we secure Champions League qualification, which I must admit has some irony as it was just that sort of ambition which myself and many others ridiculed Wenger for in the 09-16 period.


Southampton demonstrating the art of defending


Fulham v Huddersfield tonlght. Big Sam looking on with interest.


:joy: :joy: He’s just what Fulham need tbh


Can see a photo shoot of him eating a cottage pie on the back of every paper.


Yep, their defence is so open. Need to tighten it.



The Fulham defence lottery rolls on haha


Liverpool and City have both played 3 of their 5 really tough away games already, it really is super impressive for them to be 8-3-0 and 9-2-0 respectively.


Hope Fulham get the win today.

I like Jokanović.


We gotta get Chambers out of that club



LOL! :arteta: