The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


3-0 lol


Crikey getting ready to board for 14 hour flight and checked in here 3-0 already. I may have to retract any positive comments on Soton lol.


wow southampton are getting trampled…is this gonna be another 6 goal drubbing.


Triple captained Aguero :wink:


3-0 City

3-1 Southampton

4-1 City


Yeah Aguero as captain this week was a no brainier. A goal and two assists so far :fire: I didn’t triple captain him though, I save that for a double gameweek.


5-1 City

1-0 Chelsea

Expected results.


True. I missed a trick there.

Regardless, I still have a fair bit of catching up to do to reach Dolly Barton in 6th :wink:


thought it would be the case


6-1 City FT. At least that cunt Hughes was battered.


Fantastic game for Sterling. 2 goals and 2 assists. Didn’t see any of the game, but reading what others have said about it, he was outstanding.

But he flaunted his wealth by splashing out on a sink for his mum once so doesn’t deserve any credit.


Best winger in the league along with Hazard


We once had a thread on who was better Ox or Sterling. Its not because Ox left that it stopped me thinks.


Great finish from Townsend 1-1!


Palace finally putting in an effort against our rivals.


Morata with a brace



Bummer, they were almost playing well for a while there, Palace


I know right? leon


Didn’t want Hazard to come in haha as I stupidly left Jimenez on the bench in FPL :disappointed:


Palace didn’t last long.

2-1 Chelsea

3-1 Chelsea