The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Matic is finished. Might as well put a slug in midfield, it’d be more mobile!


1-1 HT. Lucky cunts who should be 2 goals down at least. Only Bournemouth on the field.


When you’re the favourites for relegation, throwing a game is simply not an option! It’s also quite insulting and I very much doubt it’d be a gesture Leicester would appreciate.


He was happy to do this last week against Liverpool, though. That’s the point I’m making.

And seeing as we could, potentially, be competing with Liverpool for a top 4 place, Cardiff have ruined the league in a competitive sense


How did they throw the game against Liverpool exactly? They were in the game at 2-1 and pool made some changes and blew them away.


He wasn’t “happy” to do it. He was being realistic about their chances. Cardiff have a Championship level team and beating Liverpool was always going to be pretty difficult. And they didn’t roll over for Liverpool, they put up a decent enough fight.


Fucking De Gea at it again! Where would Manure be without him?
Christ! Manure getting shittier and shittier. Bournemouth need to score now.


Martial keeping Mourinho in a job as long as possible.

Appreciate it prince :wenger2:


Off the line for Bournemouth!
United getting closer now. Hold on Cherries!


Rashford is so average lol. He’s literally a pace merchant.

Some nice football being played though. Both teams look capable of scoring.


I don’t fancy our chances at Bournemouth! They seem like a very decent outfit now


First Liverpool, please.


Liverpool’s a foregone conclusion. We’ll smash em.


Bournemouth doing well again. C’mon!


Lovely from Pogba. Rashford gets quite fortunate to get the goal there




I think they’ve played well and some of the football in the second half was really nice.


Ah, what a shame


20 minutes at most. They were fucking shit for the rest.


No problem. City are gonna batter them next week.