The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


And what about top flight Football before 1992? :cristo:


Nope. They are gonna lose one game at least.


Where? I’m spitballing here, but they played us at an ideal time, drawn at Liverpool where they always lose and beaten Spurs away yesterday where they’ve always had problems.

Seeing as they only lost 2 games last season, I fail to see where the next loss is coming from.

Prove me wrong, Gods of Football


They were a penalty miss away from losing to Palace last season.

They’re got a much better defence than last season but someone will beat them. It’s impossible to go unbeaten


It’s not impossible but it’s just extremely unlikely.


There is actual evidence that says it isn’t

But I agree that they won’t do it. I actually thought their defence was pretty poor last night, they were lucky Spurs couldn’t take advantage of that.


We are gonna beat them away. Easy :unai:


They started without Son, Alli and Eriksen, it’s almost as if someone who was in charge of making the first team selection wanted to lose that game…


Someone who was in charge of making the first team selection wanted to lose that game…
because they want to leave and join Real Madrid :grinning:


Anyone fancing Bournemouth against Manure today?


Lukaku not even in the squad today. Injured or just shit?





Matic imitating a snail and the centre halves in no man’s land. Fantastic lack of awareness from United :speak_no_evil:


Bournemouth bossing the game atm. Should score a couple more.
Almost 2-0. Fuck!


Really messed up that Wilson can’t get a call up for the England team but Rashford is a mainstay despite only scoring 1 goal this season for United.

Southgate is full of shit.


Mourinho taking notice. “Why are this team so shit?”.
Should have been penalty to Bournemouth, imo.


United deserve a beating for wearing those god awful pink monstrosities.


The sneaky chilean being shit as usual. No surprise.
Titally undeserved. Cunts! 1-1!

What a chance for Bournemouth! Just wide.


Watch Neil Warnock up his game against Leicester. Whilst I don’t condone “throwing” a game, any time to “let” Leicester win would be today. Not last week when he was admitting defeat before a ball had been kicked. Bastard